Voluntary Immigration Reform (VIR)

Voluntary Immigration Reform is a central economic concept that can unlock our economy. Allowing freedom of exchange in the housing market is the answer that will restore our economy and make-good on our housing bet... (read more)

Q and A with Rand Williams, Founder

It is as simple as supply and demand; allow the voluntary exchange mechanism to work. Use our strategic advantage, America is the destination of choice for hundreds of millions of people seeking opportunity... (read more)

Rand Williams, Journalist, Entrepreneur

Q and A with Rand Williams

Rand answers a series of questions about VIR and shares with us his daily sense of obligation to get the word out about how to restore economic prosperity... (read more)

Voluntary Immigration Reform

Call it "Voluntary Immigration Reform" (VIR). Simple in concept, it is compelling in the context of our current economic situation. It is a way to turn the crisis into an opportunity... (read more)

A Developing Story

Forty years after his 1971 graduation, Rand Williams generated a real buzz as he walked into Spearfish High School's all-class reunion this past summer. He had just arranged to buy the old alma mater... (read more)

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